The Railway Killers

In December 1985, Alison Day disappeared after getting off a train at Hackney Wick station. Over the next six months, two more women would be snatched at stations in the South East. Rumours began to circulate that a serial killer was stalking the railways, and that he was linked to a series of sex attacks across London, going back years. But who was he? And could there be any truth in the rumour that there was a team of killers, working together? It took another fourteen years for the police to close the case on the so-called ‘Railway Killers’. It was a case that completely rewrote our understanding of murderers, and how to catch them. Through dramatic reconstruction and testimony from police officers, and the victims’ friends, The Railway Killers reveals every twist and turn in the case. Across three episodes this landmark series explores the devastating impact of these crimes, as well as the shocking revelation of the killers’ identities.